5 Favorite Devotions

I don't usually participate in blog memes but I thought this one was just plain nice. When Patty from My Apologies invited me, I decided to jump in.

My top 5 favorite devotions?

1. The Rosary -- Mama loves me and is always leading me closer to her son.

2. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy -- The only lengthy prayer that I can actually say while driving without running red lights. (I can't count in the car though...I'm sure He's okay with guessing a bit) I love the simplicity of this powerful prayer.

3. Morning Offering for Priests -- I discovered this at Father Mark's Vultus Christi blog and have made it a part of my daily pray. More information on spiritual motherhood of priests here.

4. I discovered the following prayer from the 14th century (anonymous) in an old book of ours. It is simple and sweet and rhythmic like a nursery rhyme or love note from a child.

Sweet Jesus, if it be Thy will, 
unto my 'plaints attend.
Grant grace I may continue still 
Thy servant to the end.
Grant blessed Lord, 
Grant Savior sweet,
Grant Jesus, King of Bliss,
That in Thy love I live and die
Sweet Jesus, grant me this.

5. Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary -- Okay, this is cheating because it's really two prayers but I didn't want to include one without the other. :)

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Posted on August 17, 2010 and filed under "prayer".