Baby Carrier Giveaway...

I am a collector of baby slings and carriers. I won't tell you how many I have (I have not reached that degree of humility yet) but I will tell you that I have had more slings than I have children. *blush* The reason for this is my perpetual quest for the perfect way to hold my beautiful babies. Clearly, arms are the first choice, but a busy mama with a sore back needs a way to keep the littlest one close.

While I haven't found perfection, I am very happy with The Ultimate Baby Wrap. (The strongest evidence for this is that I haven't purchased a new carrier in 2 babies!) I have used mine for newborns and toddlers and have recommended it to many. My preemie lived in her little belly pod for a long time.

Now...I have the opportunity to give away a brand new Ultimate Baby Wrap on this blog, courtesy of the DoulaShop! I have done some recent shopping there and am very happy with my purchase (more on that another time) and their great service. You should see the carrier selection there! Many lovely ways to hold baby but I'm only going to shout about one today....

The Ultimate Baby Wrap

Why I like it:

  • Hands and shoulders free to care for other littles
  • Weight evenly distributed with comfortable jersey fabric (fabric can be narrowed or spread across shoulders)
  • Adjustable height and snuggness (I like the babies within 2" kissing range)
  • Cloth can be raised to protect baby's head from the elements or stranger touches
  • Very portable and washable
  • Very comfy as it is all soft wrapping baby and mama in a t-shirt
  • Supportive. I don't have to worry about baby slipping around or through.
  • Nursing accessible

Other considerations:

  • It is necessary to practice the wrapping technique a couple times but it does become a snap after a while
  • Being wrapped in black fabric can be warm on a hot day (hmmm...perhaps I do need another in a lighter color)
  • Nursing is easiest with a nursing specific shirt. I have done it without but have to do a bit of tugging to get my shirt out of the wrap.

How to Win:
There are 5 possible entries for this giveaway. The contest will run for a week and will end at 11:00pm on Wednesday, August 25th. All entries will then be thrown into the pot at and the winner announced on Thursday, August 26th. The good folks at the DoulaShop will be notified of the winner and the prize will be mailed out to that fortunate person! Five ways to enter:

  1.  Post a comment, any comment.
  2.  Take a peek around the DoulaShop and let us know about a cool product you found there.
  3.  Blog about this contest and let me know where to find it.
  4.  Become a follower of my blog and let me know. Current followers do count...just remind me in your comment.
  5.  Post about this giveaway to Twitter or Facebook and let me know.
**Please provide a way for me to get a hold of you should you win!!

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