Catholic Mom and Entrepreneur Makes Maternity Fitness Fashionable

With the volleyball season descending quickly upon me (and my baby belly looking very much like I ate the ball), I found myself surfing the internet looking for something to wear while coaching in the hot gym.

Oh, I do have things to super-stretched out non-maternity shorts and my husband's t-shirts. I mean to say that I was looking for something cute and comfy to wear. My attention was repeatedly drawn to a company called BornFit that specializes in high-quality fitness clothes for women, including very pregnant women like me. I'm seven months pregnant and will be needing this clothing for the next 2 months.

A search for maternity fitness apparel does not sound high on God's priority list. However, He used this particular moment to remind me that He leaves His fingerprints on the tiniest concerns in our lives. He provided me with the opportunity to get to know a bit about the founder and president of BornFit , Lisa Welch , to be inspired by her, and edified in my faith journey. I had the privilege of speaking with this very cool lady, who is not only a successful entreprenuer but also (and primarily) the mother of 3 young sons,  in love with her husband and with Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church!

When I asked Lisa if it was okay to mention her strong faith in this blog review, she did not hesitate to give her assent. She said that many Christian business owners are afraid to make their faith known; but she is not one of those and sees it as an integral part of her role within the Body of Christ.


I really like the look of the BornFit line of clothing. And now, I really like the founder. The only thing left to do is to give you a peek at these excellent clothes. I know I have readers who are Christian, pregnant and fitness-loving; I have definitely found a match for you!

For the purpose of this review, Lisa provided a sample of their newest maternity line which I am modeling in the photos. The Sunlight Maternity Tee is in Passion Pink. The Oxford Maternity Skort is in Charcoal (with matching pink swirls).

Cuteness ranking = 10
I feel like a girl.

First of all, those of you who know me know that I have a weakness for pink. (My favorite color as a little girl was green so I'm pretty sure I'm making up for that mistake now and for the rest of my life.) Then, there are the pretty and fashionable swirly fleurons on the skort that combine feminine with sophisticated. I'm sold.

Fabric rating = 10
Fit for an athlete.

As soon as I took the outfit out of its package I knew the situation was looking good. The material is gorgeous; exactly what I would expect from a high-end non-maternity fitness apparel provider. Super soft, supportive, non-chafing. Pregnant women should be pampered with material like this. After a certain point in pregnancy, we are almost perpetually uncomfortable and staying active is harder than ever. Apparently,  Lisa Welch agrees and has provided an answer to this need.

Fit rating = 10
Feminine, clean and functional.

BornFit does not sell clothes that look like they came out of my husband's closet. They are feminine and cut to flatter. I do currently sleep in Prince Charming's T-shirts...But in a public coaching role, I think a cleaner, more feminine appearance commands more respect as well as provides a better witness. By that I mean that the world expects a mother of 6 to look beat down and haggard. While it is true that I am often tired and sometimes wonder if I'm up for the challenge, I also know that I live a life of hope and joy. I do not expect physical perfection from myself. I do not think I need to have the latest designer clothing...but I hope to convey the goodness and fruitfulness of a motherhood open to life; outward appearance does (for better or worse) mean something to the world.

The BornFit website recommends purchasing items in one's pre-pregnancy size. I know from experience that the entirety of my body grows along with my belly so I ordered Medium instead of my pre-pregnancy Small. The top and skorts fit perfectly. If you like a looser fit, you might like to size up one.

 Definitely designed to flatter and not frump but made long enough to keep coverage while jumping (I did try). Someone with a longer torso than I (I am about 5'6") might prefer a larger top if they have some need to jump during pregnancy! I love the flattering length of the sleeves. (Large, unisex hubby T-shirts have gigantic sleeves and do make us blossoming mamas look twice as large as we actually are.) Fabric and design are sporty and made for enduring a real workout. Very comfortable and pretty.

Clearly designed for those serious about fitness with a length that covers but still stays out of the way. I might prefer another inch or so as I blossom into the final weeks of pregnancy but it's not enough to keep me from buying these for my purposes. My favorite feature about the skort (besides the fact that it's darling) is the fit of the short underneath. I love non-maternity fitness skorts but do not like the way many of them ride up. I assumed I would have the same issue with these but was pleasantly surprised to find that they do stay put. The hidden pocket is icing on the cake.

Overall rating = 10

I am very satisfied overall; happy enough to purchase another outfit a week after receiving this one and comfortable recommending the BornFit brand and the maternity products specifically to other women. By the way, I was so tickled after trying these on for the first time that I immediately did a bunch of squats...proof that cute clothes can occasionally be a powerful motivational tool!

Thanks so much to Lisa at BornFit for doing something great for blossoming mamas, for providing me with this great opportunity to shout out about it, and for saying 'yes' to a life of faith!