A Date with my Husband...

My husband took the initiative to plan an entire day (and splurge) for our 14th anniversary celebration. This involved the cooperation of wonderful in-laws who watched all the children from morning until bedtime. He wanted the day to be a surprise for me but ended up having to ask me about a number of details. The initial ideas were all his though and I just gave my grateful consent. It was very enjoyable time to spend together and something we have not done since before having kids. Here was our itinerary:

8:30am: Mass with the children at our parish church.

9:30am: Breakfast at a nearby restaurant. His parents, sister and her children were at Mass so we all went together (at a very long table!). My father-in-law treated us all. Thanks Dad!

11:00am: Dropped the kids off at his parents and stopped at home to change.

12:40pm: Professional massage in a "couples room." I have never had a professional massage before and      was a little nervous but he really wanted to splurge on this to see if it would help my back. We found a place that would keep us in the same room and that also has a prenatal certified masseuse; made sure I wasn't scheduled to have a male, and took the leap. So very, very worth it. Fifty minutes went by in a flash between the wonderful massage and good company of my husband. We would love to do it again someday.

2:15pm: Manicure while my husband took some time to make a call for work. The only manicure I've ever had other than my wedding day nails. I chose a purple sparkle which is not really age-appropriate but definitely a lot of fun. He likes purple and I didn't want him to splurge for something too boring. The little girls love my fingers, my godson tried to eat them and my husband thinks they're pretty. Good enough for me!

2:45pm: Hair wash and style. Curls...a little more glam than I'm used to but he he liked it. He sat patiently with me during the whole thing because I asked him to.

**I don't think I would do the manicure or hair style again. I liked them and felt very pampered but hindsight shows me that I'd rather do them myself and spend less money and more time alone with my husband.

3:30pm: Head home to change into our evening finery (Okay, I let him wear shorts since it was 90+ degrees...but they were very nice shorts.)

5:45pm: Dinner reservations at our very-favorite-too-expensive-to-eat-at-more-than-every-three-years-restaurant. I was hoping they wouldn't notice hubby's shorts and apparently, his winning smile and nice shirt were good enough to earn us entrance! Amazing food. Lovely company:)

7:25pm: Tickets to see Inception playing at the IMAX theatre. I was a little nervous about how my tender stomach would respond to the whole massive 3D experience for that length of time so I whined my way out of it and we walked around a book store until...

7:55pm:  Same movie but on a regular screen. I know how much he wanted to experience the IMAX and am very glad that he forgave me for my insistence!  The movie was generally good for entertainment value. No intimate scenes at all. No vulgarity at all. The Lord's name was used unnecessarily 3 times (which is never good) but certainly better than most movies. Lots of action and gunfire, a couple gun wounds, but no gore. On the whole, a nice date movie for adults.

11:00pm: Return to pick up the children who had unleashed their sleeping bags hoping to talk us into a sleep-over. Tempting...but the the looks on the weary grandparents faces made the decision easy.

11:30pm: Home again. Very tired but grateful for a whole day to remember what it's like to be pampered  on a date without kids. I felt a little younger. A little more relaxed. A little happier to come home and see our children, our home and all the evidence of the beautiful life that we've built together by the grace of God.
Posted on August 15, 2010 and filed under "Catholic date", "marriage".