Deadline vs. Devotion

With the first day of volleyball practice under my belt, I can already feel my equilibrium being challenged. The details of sport and school move higher on the priority list than they aught because they involve deadlines. There's a disproportionate sense of urgency. There's stress because good Christian witness and human decency do require responsibility and reasonable commitment; yet the details, calendar and drama can certainly consume beyond reason.

I figure if my spiritual life is so easily neglected over such a thing as volleyball, then I'm fooling myself about the depth of my devotion. True love is never so easily shoved aside.

I have already been tempted to neglect prayer so that needs to be a focus. If I can keep
solidly rooted in prayer--even if it means fighting a hundred times a minute to refocus my attention--then I do believe this will be a very nice season. 

Practice did go very well. The girls were excited and good to each other. And I did get to wear a darling maternity fitness outfit from a company founded and run by a Catholic mama. Very cool stuff. Very cool lady. I'll tell you more about her soon as soon as I can get some photos of my sweet new clothes. So those details are rather nice...even if not incredibly spiritual. :)
Posted on August 6, 2010 and filed under "Christian sports", "volleyball".