The Five Minute Exception

It is part of my husband's job to know the fire code and enforce it. He recently took this hilarious photo of signs posted in a fire zone in a nearby city. Our tax dollars hard at work! I like the picture. It makes me laugh. It reminds me of life in so many ways; of the stress between our professed love and how we show that love; the conflict between what we say and what we mean; the disparity between intention and action. 

The law says: "There shall be no parking in a fire zone at any time!"
Some city official says: "Of course, I agree completely... I'll just be 5 minutes."

God says: "Thou shalt not!"
I say: "Of course, I agree completely...just give me 5 minutes and I'll be right with You."

There's always an excuse to park ourselves temporarily outside the boundaries of truth and love. We're always tired, always busy, always troubled, always weak. Moses gave God's people "5 minutes" to divorce their wives because they were hardened to God's voice in their hearts, even though God's law stood firm from the beginning.  We can always find some reason to be the exception. 

Pursuit of sanctity means following the first sign even when we see the second; not because we are bound by legalism...but by devotion to truth and love.

Posted on August 19, 2010 and filed under "spiritual life".