I finally had my second appointment with my OB. Yes, I know I'm 28 weeks along but life gets so busy. At least, that's what I told her when she called me, lectured me and told me to come in...stat! She's so good to me. :)

Baby is doing fine. I'm doing fine. The only concern we have is that he will likely be a big boy. His older brother was 9 pounds and a little too big for mama. We had some very stressful moments with shoulder dystocia and he came within seconds of having his clavicle broken. He made it but that baby boy was one big bruise (he is 8 now and still has marks left from birth) and did need a little extra TLC after birth.

So...We are talking about having this baby early. And non-medical ways of induction. We've been down the pitocin path and I don't want to travel down it again. Using pitocin also eliminates the possibility of a water labor/birth which would be a disappointment.

Do you see the photo above? Barring any unforeseen factors which make put me into the high risk category, I will be delivering in that lovely room and laboring in that fantastic tub. It is part of the new holistic birth center at my Catholic hospital and I am incredibly grateful for it. There are certain stipulations to use it: Must be 37 weeks, no high risk pregnancies, no epidurals, no staying in it longer than 24-hours. I will happily comply if I am able! (By the way, that is not me in the photo...it's a pic the hospital uses to advertise the facility.)

I'm honestly rather terrified of labor but can't help getting more and more excited about meeting my littlest son. Yesterday, Cookie (his 10-year old sister) used money she had been saving to buy him a pack of the cutest onesies. This little guy is going to be spoiled like crazy by his siblings!
Posted on August 10, 2010 and filed under "childbirth", "pregnancy", "waterbirth".