A Day with One...

When was the last time that I spent the entire day just hanging out (from morning until night) with only one child? Maybe the last time I gave birth...but that's not exactly what I mean. I really can't recall.

Today, I get to spend the whole day with Jellybean while the rest of the pack takes a vacation day to Cedar Point. I thought about going with them and just walking around for hours and hours in the 90 degree heat (with no chance of getting on a roller coaster in my current pregnant state). Then I thought twice. Take lots of pictures. Don't wander away from Dad. Stay hydrated. Ride the Millennium Force once for me.

I really, really like rollercoasters. The 300-foot drop of the first hill of the Millennium Force is breathtaking.   Here's a cool video of the ride but without the actual G-force...definitely falls short of the real thing. (Make sure you've got it on HD in full screen if you watch.) My second favorite is the Maverick which you can see here.

All roller coaster dreaming aside, I'm really looking forward to the day with the current "baby" of the household. Our itinerary isn't quite set. Ice cream should definitely fit in somewhere. Maybe we'll paint our nails. Read books. And nap.

I hear little footsteps in the hall. I'd better go now...it's time to begin a beautiful day.
Posted on September 2, 2010 and filed under "Cedar Point", "Millennium Force".