Life Goes On...

It really is the strangest thing. Any day now, a brand new person is going to make his entrance into the world. I can feel my body actively preparing for this historic event. There isn't a moment that goes by when I don't think of it. And yet, life continues to move along at it's busy pace. I sometimes get a fleeting visual of myself having the baby, dropping him in a car seat, and driving to the next event with my hospital gown tail sticking out of the door.

Yesterday, we went pumpkin shopping to prepare for our Pumpkins and Roses Party on October 1st. I figured that I might not feel quite up to a full-blown All Saints' party this year, so I'm going to pour out the energy into a celebration in gratitude for God's gift of Autumn and the Feast of St. Therese. The highlight of the party will be pumpkin decorating/carving (with images that honor the theme). I found a very cool rose template that I intend to modify for the pumpkins along with some other neat Christian images.

So, we trucked out to an area apple farm that has a pumpkin patch as well. Except the pumpkin patch was closed and medium sized pumpkins were $10 a piece. Yikes! We did not buy pumpkins there but we did enjoy the trip.

Jellybean picks out a pumpkin that turns out to be the most expensive gourd in the state of Ohio and which we do not buy.

Checkers at the apple farm.

Daddy and Jellybean look out over the orchards.

We did end up with 6 very cool (and large) pumpkins from a place closer to home. I wish you could come to our party...

I coach volleyball practice today and have 3 games this weekend. My laundry is piling again. School must go on. The two oldest are preparing for club try-outs in October. I'm wondering where in the world the newborn onesies were packed away. We're still trying to get flooring laid and woodwork stained. My husband is busy with his promotional transition. We continue to try to find an affordable vehicle that will carry all 8 of us...

I'm at a point when I want the baby to arrive so that I have an excuse not to think about or do anything for 24 hours. :) And yet this little guy's arrival deserves quite a bit more fanfare than that. 

I think I'll pack for the hospital today and dig out the sweetest outfit I can find for him to wear home. Perhaps I'll take some time to work on birth announcements as well. I've never sent them before but now seems like a perfect time. The world is going to change forever one of these beautiful Autumn days. And I want to be ready to celebrate.
Posted on September 23, 2010 and filed under "pumpkin party", "the feast of St. Therese".