Preparing for Baby...

It's almost time. Braxton Hicks contractions. Nesting. Waddling. Dreaming of kissing his little head.

Other preparations...

Blessing before Childbirth

We asked Father if he would give me a blessing before I go into labor. Since we don't exactly know when labor will begin, I figured yesterday was as good a day as any. Father brought his Book of Blessing after Mass and I gratefully received the benediction. He asked if I would prefer 1964 version (versus the 1987 found here) and I chose the older one.  I'm sure they're equally efficacious but as long as he asked...

Baptismal Gown for Boys

Baby boys look darling in whatever they wear but I do prefer a traditional baptismal gown to the rompers for them. When we needed one for our second boy (about 10 years ago) I did a search looking for something simple that could be used for any boys or girls we might have. I found a lovely basic (no ruffles or rosettes) handmade gown that fit our price range from a shop in Ohio. White-Works offered the Robert Gown for about $75 at the time (now $95) and the slip for $25 (now $45). Since finances were tight and the weather was warm, we waited until the next baby (a girl) to purchase the slip.

White Works has since added embroidery to this gown (which I love) but ours is completely plain since it was not included at the time. I love fancy, girly gowns and was tempted (when we had two girls in a row) to purchase one. But I'm glad I held off since God had another little boy in our future. :)

Now, Christening gowns for granddaughters (assuming I have any) is another issue altogether. Since it is highly unlikely that any of my girls will fit into my wedding gown, I plan on repurposing it for a couple of "girly" baptismal gowns to pass on.

Packing for the Hospital

In spite of my good intentions, I have managed to only pack 2 pairs of socks in my travel bag.

Final OB Appointments

I think this is the time when I'm supposed to be seeing her every week or so. I've only seen her twice this pregnancy. I had to reschedule last week because of transportation issues. She cancelled this week because of a death in the family. I do hope to see her at the birth!


Still working on finding an affordable vehicle that will fit all of us. Still trying to find the infant car seat. Evening walks are getting (a lot) shorter. Waddle. Waddle. Baby belly is growing. The wardrobe is shrinking. I'd love to paint my toenails but I can't seem to reach them. Half of me is panicking...the other half is joyfully anticipating!
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