Pumpkins and Roses Party

We celebrated the feast of St. Therese by throwing a pumpkin carving party for the kids. It was an absolutely beautiful Fall day...just right for making a giant mess outside! I wasn't sure I'd be in any shape to contribute to an All Saints' party this year so I thought I'd throw a little more energy into this beautiful feast. Some photo highlights...

Some of us were a little young to wield carving tools...Hooray for paint!

Others brought out the serious knives (and only needed one band-aid).

Ready for the judges...

Very cool pics taken by the Chief.

Ready for roasting...

Ready for eating...
(Hooray for my creative sister-in-law and her culinary talents!)

Prizes for all!
 (I found beautiful, yummy smelling rose soaps for $1 at Joann Fabrics for the girls.) 

Other Highlights:

* When my nephew decided the smell of pumpkin was a tad overpowering, he disappeared into the house and returned with his entire nose sealed with Scotch tape. Problem solved!

* One of our parish priests joined us in time to see the kids with their lighted pumpkins.

* When my darling niece was asked what young Therese grew up to become, she answered: "A Daisy!"...which struck me as a very sweet 3-year old translation of "Little Flower!"

Thank you, Jesus, for a very fun and blessed family day!

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