Still Waiting...

39 weeks pregnant at the Chief's swearing in wearing my "I'm tolerating this photograph" smile.

The baby ticker widget in my sidebar is telling me it's time. The little feet sticking into my ribs are telling me it's time. The constant (though irregular) contractions are telling me it's time. My short temper and general whininess are also a good indication that it's time. The frequent phone calls of friends and family wanting to know if we've forgotten to tell them something (no, I'm not at the hospital...I just haven't been answering the phone) are reminding me that it's time. The amount of time it takes me to maneuver myself out of a bed or chair is also a clear indicator.

In spite of all of these clear signs that it must be time...we're still waiting.

The baby very kindly waited to be born until after the Chief's formal swearing in. He waited until the completion of the Fall volleyball season. He has obviously also decided to wait for the completion of club try-outs tonight (and tomorrow?). Unfortunately, I clearly lack gratitude for his considerate delay in allowing for these events. As far as I'm concerned, his arrival is THE event right now. I will give him until Sunday and then I'm going for a jog.

As any woman who has carried a baby through 40 weeks knows, life temporarily becomes a series of highly uncomfortable moments. Every task becomes an opportunity to offer up some sacrifice (cheerfully?). I'm not sure I have fully taken advantage of that opportunity. I do feel like I spend most of my time trying to find a way to relieve the discomfort rather than embrace that opportunity to grow in virtue. I think perhaps that a well-offered labor covers all! There are some things that have made life a bit more comfortable for me at this stage and to which I turn when the grumpiness threatens to overcome....

The Sofa

This is where I sleep at least 40% of the time. Don't ask me why it's more comfy than bed. I don't really know.

My Maternity Mattress

I sleep here frequently and take periodic rests here throughout the day. It is a lovely foam mattress that has a series of cut-out, progressively larger rings that are removable to fit a growing pregnant belly. That means that I can sleep on my stomach as needed even when I'm 40 weeks pregnant. This has been a tremendous blessing and a comfortable way to relieve back strain and sciatic pressure.

My Weird Shoes

I've written about these "fitness shoes" before and promised an update. The verdict is in and I can say that they have been better-than-barefoot for my pregnant joints. I wear them throughout the day and when walking. I've seen the original MBT's at the mall selling for over $200. Perhaps they are better but I am very satisfied with my $40 Avia's (originally $80 and selling for half at BJ's).


I don't have these very frequently but they always make me feel better and I have splurged a couple times in the last month.

Fashion Amnesia

I have been wearing the same outfit for three weeks (yes, I've washed it) and refuse to wear maternity jeans this time around. I look like a goth slob because I'm living in black maternity yoga pants ($12 from Old Navy), a black tunic, a black hoodie...and my weird black shoes. I'm comfortably attired at all times and although totally conscious of the fact that I look mildly depressing, I know this will pass...soon. I had to laugh when Cookie acquired new sweats and athletic tops, immediately paired the black pants and black top and declared that she looked "just like you, mommy!"

Come to think of it, even my church clothes have been black. And I can confidently say that, in spite of the color's reputation, it has a very minimal "slimming" effect on me right now. :)

Looking eagerly forward to my next update post in which I will shout "IT REALLY IS TIME!"
Posted on October 29, 2010 and filed under "40 weeks pregnant", "pregnancy".