Mama's in Love....

I have so much to write but I'm almost too tired to put together a coherent sentence. I'm completely in love though...once again subscribing to the new mommy belief that there is no more perfect or adorable baby then my very own. 

November 4th at 5:24am
8 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches

2 Days old in big brother's arms. He watches his siblings and listens to them very attentively.

Baby has a dimple. And he started smiling at us on his second day of life. This is not newborn "gas" that people insist must explain away infant happiness. These are big, gummy, ecstatic, interactive smiles. I caught the tail end of one above.

My first brown-haired baby in 11 years. Cookie was thrilled since she now has another brunette sibling to commiserate with. 

I hope to write about the birth soon (not too much detail). I love reading birth stories so I assume there are others like me out there who might be interested. Here's a teaser for you...

The labor was so fast that it rendered any consideration of an epidural moot. 
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