Pat Boone reads Little Star

With the coming of Christmas, you've likely seen the many glowing reviews for Anthony DeStefano's children's book, Little Star, that are appearing around the internet. Today, I happily and heartily add my support for this heartwarming book. The quality, color and beautiful illustrations are all things I like about it; but the best part is the heart of the story, when Little Star "burns himself out" with joy as he shines to warm the Baby Jesus.

Little Star, like our Blessed Lord, "poured out his soul unto death" (Isaiah 53:12) in love to give life. The power of Christmas is inseparable from the Way of the Cross...and to Easter. This is the message that we want our children to live and breath! Little Star communicates this message in a pure and simple way to children. I'm happily adding it to our Christmas book shelf.

I received a review copy and hold it in hand as I write, but anyone can see and hear the story presented in full in this video. Many thanks to Mr. DeStefano for allowing his work to be shared with us in this way.

Posted on November 24, 2010 and filed under "Christmas books", "Christmas", "Little Star".