I'm allowed to embarrass him today...

This is what happens when it snows for the first time of the season and the Professor discovers that he has outgrown all of his cold weather gear. Scarcity breeds ingenuity!

This is what happens when the Professor discovers that his mom has posted a photo of his super gear on her public blog...

*Well, we don't exactly know what happens yet but I'm watching my back...he's a great shot with a snowball. *

He's also officially a teenager today and I'm as proud as a mama can be of a son. I love this kid. My firstborn. I love all of our wonderful conversations and listening to his dreams and plans. I love it when he explains mathematical problems and complicated game instructions to me with his characteristic enthusiasm. I love how he asks for his own copy of The Code of Canon Law one minute and cuddles with the baby the next. And corrects my grammatical mistakes. And organizes games and paper plane making for his siblings and cousins. And still likes to give me hugs.

Thirteen is an awfully big deal for me. It came so quickly. For the first time, I can clearly envision the day when he will no longer be waking up in my home. And I realize how much I enjoy his company and what a great treasure our relationship is to me.

I hold my newest baby boy and remember when I held this big kid the same way. And then I see them together... tissue please...

Happy Birthday, Son. You cannot know the joy that your life brings to mine. I am sorry for all the times that I have failed to love you well and beg the Lord to continue to carry you in his grace. He must love me an awful lot to allow me the privilege of raising such a child.

Too funny...Professor just walked in and asked if I 'd been reading blogs again since my eyes are all misty. :)
Posted on December 22, 2010 and filed under "motherhood".