Keeping the home fires burning...

The O Antiphons begin today! We are in the final stretch! This Advent has been so sweet for me as I stick close to home with my family and joyful little baby. New motherhood is always a blessing but particularly right now for me...his tiny person is keeping me more present to the delicate miracle of a day and the reality of the Incarnation.

An early Christmas present...

Today I was awakened to the sound of a chimney sweep vacuuming out 2 years worth of debris collected since we have been here. That includes little nests of the chimney swifts who visit every Summer and depart in the Autumn. They are amazing birds but I can't say I will miss their almost constant racket in our family room. Our new chimney cap will also keep stray woodpeckers from our interior as well!

Then the sound of hammering and drilling as new piping went in...and then our new wood stove. I have never had a fireplace and my allergies have made it impossible for us to use the one we have now. But today we will have our first fire in our airtight wood stove. Even with the patched drywall and concrete floor surrounding me, I do feel like a queen in her palace!

Installing the firebox 

This is not actually a photo our stove but a photo from the company catalog. We don't have a picture of ours yet (due to battery failure) but that's pretty much what it looks like!

Posted on December 17, 2010 and filed under "wood stove".