Lazy Christmas thoughts, blessings, and links...

Singing happy birthday to Jesus.

We are still lazily sifting through the Christmas trappings and wrappings and leftovers and enjoying the joyful respite of the season. We all have colds which is fine since it's not the worst cold ever... and we have the time to have a cold. Let's see... what else?

*Button lost her first tooth on Christmas Day. Actually, Chief pulled it out because it was in the obnoxiously loose stage and Button couldn't eat her Christmas beef.

Several pounds of circus peanuts
in a handy carrying case.
*Crash received the hilarious gift of several pounds of Circus Peanuts from a devoted uncle who takes childish wish lists quite seriously.

*A fire is roaring in our wood stove 24/7.

*New glass block installed in our basement windows yesterday. (So glad the bad guys never discovered that our old windows could be removed simply by giving a gentle shove. I can sleep again.)

*It's time to begin post-partum fitness. I tried to take a jog on the treadmill last week, managed to walk for 20 minutes and run for... 56 seconds. All I could feel was my joints. I'm pretty sure I no longer have any muscles. So, it is definitely time to get stronger and healthier.

*Related to the above... the Chief's Christmas gift to me was the promise of a home fitness DVD series I've been eyeing. It's pricey though so he sold a box of old texts to Amazon to cover the purchase. Yesterday, we checked Craig's List and an hour later Chief was meeting a youngster at the corner gas station to make a deal. Why was he selling? My mom bought it for me for Christmas but I already bought it for myself so now I have two. Have you been using it?'s hard. Brand new in shrink wrap. Half price. 

*Looking forward to getting into my smaller wardrobe. I've been wearing black (the only color that seems to fit me right now) perpetually and would very much like a change.

*I am eating all the junk food in the house as quickly as I can so that we can start to eat a bit healthier.

*Hilarious post by Father V here on the Evils of Poor Penmanship.

*Something to consider over at I'm a Lazy Mom. If any of you out there know what I mean when I use the term sock basket, then you might want to check it out. I trust there is a light at the end of the sock basket tunnel... could this be it?

*Thanks so much to the ingenious grandparents who gave this item for Christmas. I did not know it was possible to keep an energetic 3-year old occupied with the same activity in the same location for so long. I thought I'd used up all available tricks. Yesterday, she circled around our unfinished family room for 2 hours until I stopped her. I have no idea why I stopped her. It just felt like the responsible thing to do. She dutifully got off the thing and immediately went and spilled something in the kitchen. Funny thing.... it's not even her toy. I had to bribe the 6-year old with many cookies and chocolate to share her EzyRoller (the character of my mothering revealed).

*Baby Boy is now 8 weeks old and smiles and laughs regularly. He thinks I am the most wonderful thing in life... and I am remembering to enjoy it.

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