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When our oldest children were very young, my husband and I placed our family under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe. One of the first big anniversary gifts he purchased for me was a large framed print of the basilica image of Juan Diego's cloak Like the one pictured above. It hung in a place of prominence in our previous home and I eagerly await the day when it will do so in our current home. 

The miracle of the roses, her simple yet powerful message to Juan Diego, the millions of conversions in Mexico, and subsequent end of the mass sacrifice of babies to the pagan gods...these things, and so many more beautiful and touching details of the Lady of Guadalupe, had inspired us to adopt a special devotion to Mary under this title.

Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego the morning after the great feast of her Immaculate Conception and the Mexican people continued to refer to her as "The Immaculate Conception" until a later time when she was given the title of Guadalupe. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has been chosen as the patroness of the United States. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of not just Mexico but of all of the Americas. Two titles but the same loving mother...gently embracing us and presenting our cares to her Son.

She once inspired a nation to conversion and to end the horrific practice of infant sacrifice. Let us recognize our patroness, place our lives in her trust and beg her to, once again, intercede for the unborn babies of the Americas. 

Feast Day Link Up and Tons of Goodies

I was really excited to find that Homeschool Goodies is hosting an Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day Link up this year! I don't have a whole lot to add to it (since I don't know yet how we are celebrating!) but I wanted to share it in time for readers to explore the wonderful ideas being posted there.

Another fantastic collection of resources can be found at JOYfilled Family.

A feast day giveaway at Catholic Icing.

And for those of you expecting a baby or with a brand new little one in arms...below is a beautiful prayer of dedication to Blessed Mother under this title from Catholic.org.

Dedication of a Child to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear Mary, 
Your Message of love and care on Tepeyac Hill
floated like a lilting lullaby
into the fresh golden dawn.
Softly you called to Juan Diego,
"least of your sons,"
man of middle years,
but guileless and childlike in spirit.

Through him you invited all your children to come to you,
the ever-virgin Mother of God,
to look to you as a mother
who wanted only to show a mother’s love.
You would give them whatever they needed,
help and protection,
strength and comfort.
As a lasting proof you left us
your own marvelous picture,
unpainted by any human hand.

Today we bring to you
our child ( I bring __________ my) (as yet Unborn).
May this little one always know
and love you as holy Mary,
Mother of the true God
in whom we live and have our being.
May this new soul,
fresh breathed forth from the creator,
giving life to the body,
be like the soul of Juan Diego,
simple, pure and good.

Dear Lady of Guadulupe,
touch this petal of our hearts
with the wintry roses of Tepeyac,
so that a fragrant joy and peace
may spread along its path of earthly life,
reminding men of you
and sweetly drawing them to your waiting heart.

Take this child as your own.
Lady lovely and demure,
enfolded in the mantle of your care,
until the day when in a new land,
all your children join with you,
their merciful mother,
endlessly giving praise and thanks
to God the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. 
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