Epiphany! And little girls growing up...

Happy Feast Day!
(As you can see, Jellybean is delighted by the arrival of the Magi!)

"Today we worship a partial fulfillment when Jesus, as an Infant King, is manifested to wise men of the Gentile world and through them to all peoples..."

It's a double celebration for us today as we celebrate Cookie's 11th birthday. My little girl... not so little anymore. Remember when I used to have to stoop down to kiss you?

6 years old--First Holy Communion
In a couple more inches, I'll be looking up to you. I don't mind. I love it when the littles come to you thinking that you are "mommy"... You are so nurturing and good to them.

7 years old -- with Jellybean
You inspire me to be a better mom, to work harder for Jesus, to never give up...

8-years old -- Champion in the pool and in our hearts
Beautiful gift, keep your heart with Our Lady and her Son...

5-years old -- Always running to our lady with
prayers and flowers
I treasure your presence in my life and look forward to seeing you grow into the woman God has made you to be. Your smile and loving heart are among my greatest treasures. I thank God for the gift of your life!

11 years old

Posted on January 6, 2011 and filed under "Epiphany".