Fitness Motto in 2011 and thoughts on Accountability

Accountability is a beautiful thing... and I thank God for sending me Lena to help keep me on task in my journey to physical health in the New Year. We sort of fell into this partnership (with the help of a Providential shove) a couple of weeks ago and have created a system to stay on track toward our fitness goals.

Right from the start, Lena put Our Lord and Blessed Mother first, middle and last and it became clear that this mutual journey would be about more than just our fitness journeys. Putting Jesus first in our workouts and check-ins produced the marvelous result of, not only fitness accountability, but also accountability in our vocation as wife and mother. Playing off of each other and the Holy Spirit, we uncovered a motto for 2011. We each added to suite our own goals and they were so parallel that we ultimately changed nothing.

Be Charitable.
Be Useful.
Be Gentle. 
Be Joyful.
Forget about yourself.

I wrote a little about my fitness goals here. And Lena wrote some of what has been on her heart here. I was not expecting the blessing of this partnership but accept it gratefully. I have enjoyed her blog for quite a while now but have not known much about the woman behind it. Now that I know a little more, I am greatly inspired by her recipe for serving her family faithfully; the same recipe that has served Catholic mothers for ages...
Lots of Faith, Hope, Love and Prayer, and lots of blood, sweat and tears.
(I'm not using hyperbole with the "blood" by the way... you should see her running shoes.)

There is no fast food answer. Christian motherhood requires serious diligence and accountability goes a long way in supporting that exhausting duty. We should go out of our way to find that accountability. My husband and sister-in-law are so important in my particular journey. And I found that Lena upped the ante and challenged me even more out of my comfort zone. 

2011 is going to be a challenging year, no doubt about it. I pray that the fruits will be sweet.

Posted on January 11, 2011 and filed under "Catholic fitness", "fitness".