Sanctifying Playmobil...

This is what my kids did on New Year's Day. They built a rather large replica of our parish church out of wood blocks and Playmobil. It was so cool that I let them leave it up in the middle of our living room for days. 

The whole thing started when Daddy set up a little shrine to Mary with Playmobil figures and a little plastic statue. Then it grew and grew and grew...
(Concessions were made to allow for a pink lavabo, credence table on wheels, altar boys with mustaches and dressed in livery.)

The Paschal Candle and Baptismal font. Yes, we know that the candle aught to be white, but this was the only color of birthday candle we had that even came close. Neon pinks seemed totally out of the question. The upside down Playmobil skirt does nicely for the font as long as one ignores the pink bows.

The Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. 

The whole thing was great fun. We even had a "cry room", sacristy, vestry, thurible, Stations of the Cross posted around the church, holy water fonts, and a horse and chariot parked outside!

Incidentally, wood blocks really are the coolest and most adaptable toy in the house. Playmobil is a close second or third but has its limitations; namely that the pieces are teeny-tiny-choking-hazards which find themselves regularly buried in vacuum cleaner bags. 
*Note* I do not rescue little plastic toys from vacuum cleaners unless the incident was clearly my fault and the item particularly cherished.  If you are careless enough to leave your teeny-tiny-choking-hazards on the floor, then you probably won't miss 'em when you lose 'em...

...and if you're looking for your missing Polly Pockets, don't bother. My vacuum cleaner hunts those scantily-clad-teeny-tiny-choking-hazards. (No, the Polly Pockets did not attend church with the Playmobil...  I made them stay home until they found some decent clothes to wear. They never showed up. They probably  met the vacuum cleaner on the way.)
Posted on January 23, 2011 and filed under "Catholic toys".