What Happened to Her Gift for the Christ Child...

I wrote last week about our practice of having the littles of the house present a birthday gift to the Christ Child every Christmas at our church... and the question of "what happens to my present?" that is sometimes raised. Well, this year Button discovered what happened to the tiny blanket she made for Jesus.

Last night, we were at church for Benediction and prayer to ring in the New Year. It was very beautiful. The Professor served next to Father and was able to use incense (one of his favorite duties) and lead the children in bell ringing at Midnight. Five children (3 of mine and 2 cousins) were stationed around the church at the various bell stations for what Professor referred to as "holy surround sound." There were about 40-50 people (including the children) gathered to step into the New Year in the presence of Our Lord.

After the service had concluded, Button and I were kneeling down to look at the Holy Family in the creche. I noticed that the hay was empty around the manger.

"Your presents are gone, Button."

I turned to look at her and noticed her eyes grow very large and her mouth open in surprise.

"Look, Mommy!" She pointed at Jesus in his bed of sticks and hay and I suddenly realized...

... that the little blanket she had knitted for His birthday gift was lying beneath Him, protecting His tiny figure from His bed of sticks and hay. A soft bed for the Baby Jesus.

What a wonderful moment for Button. Thank you, Jesus.
Posted on January 1, 2011 and filed under "Catholic Christmas", "gifts for Jesus".