Homeschooling consolations

Homeschooling is a wonderful way of life but it is also pretty challenging at times. Sometimes it takes a while to see progress. Sometimes we're a little too close to the action to notice progress. Here are a couple encouraging moments from the week...

Consolation #1

Overheard during independent Math work...

Crash: (groaning) I wish that I didn't have to do this at all.

Professor: But just think... you need to know how to do what you're doing now really well so that you can get to the really FUN Math like I'm doing!

Crash: (sighing) I know. I guess I'm getting pretty good at this anyway.

Let me restate this. Professor is doing Algebra right now which he truly thinks is really "fun." Then he tells his little brother (who thinks Professor is the coolest boy on the planet) how he should work hard to get to the "fun" stuff. And little brother (who would be happiest playing cowboys and knights all day long and loves to holler and run about) believes the older brother and buckles down to work.

This is most unexpected and wonderful.

Consolation #2

Crash, the wild and crazy (but wonderful) child with a teeny tiny attention span, started practice with his club volleyball team this month. At his age, most kids do tend to be little scattered and most of his teammates are silly and do not pay attention well. I assumed he'd fit right in. However...

... While he is still his energetic self on the court, he is also surprisingly mild and attentive when compared with his peers. His siblings reported the remarkable behavior after the first practice and I noticed it clearly after attending practice myself. It took a great deal of will power not to rush onto the court and shower the boy with motherly kisses.

This is also most unexpected and wonderful.

Thank you, Jesus.
Posted on February 9, 2011 and filed under "home education".