St. Valentine's Day Activities, Gifts and Links...

Keep it Christ-centered... it is, after all, a Catholic feast day. It is about remembering to tell people they're loved (and giving them chocolate), but more deeply rooted in the kind of passionate love that would give a man the courage to offer his very life for another. Some people feel a little left out of the festivities if they don't have a significant other on a day that celebrates love. Perhaps they wouldn't feel that isolation if they were told that the day really celebrates the love of a great friend of Christ who was neither married nor seeking to be married. The heart of St. Valentine was with Christ... and his love for others stemmed from that primary devotion.

It is somewhat irritating to have such a beautiful feast co-opted by secular culture... but there's no reason we can't take it back for Christ. And it's so much fun for the kids to celebrate with gifts and treats. Here are some ideas to make it special.

Cell Phone Charm with swarovski crystal heart and medal
I made a pro-life charm (below) using a blue crystal heart and a precious feet medal.

Other combinations that might be nice:
*red heart with sacred heart medal
*light blue heart with miraculous medal
*pink heart with St. Therese

Need a pretty gift box? 
Make one out of paper. The kids and I have been making these for years out of old greeting cards or specialty papers. (Video tutorial here)

Looking for Valentine's for a child to hand out? How about a holy card?
These St. Valentine cards from, which include a prayer and bio of St. Valentine on the back, are perfect...

... Or choose the Sacred Heart of Jesus (or any other image) and print your own message on the back. Some excellent saints' quotes on love can be found at Catholic Fire.

Or have the kids paint or draw pictures of the sacred heart. If you need lots of cards for friends and family, scan the image, and print in smaller sizes. (See Crash's work at the top of this post)

You could also make some of these little cookies (among my absolute favorite goodies) and use a holy card as a tag.

I found the following ideas while poking around my favorite blogs...

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