Easter Day Activities...

I'm a little early with this but I thought I would start throwing them on the blog for easy access. A little planning never hurt... especially when it's for lots of children. Here's one I will be using this year.

Bouncing Water Balloon Balls...

Lots of fun. I made a couple test "eggs" last week. It will be a nice way to inexpensively entertain the kids during our Easter celebration with extended family.

For the water balloon balls you will need:

~1 or 2 big bags of 12" balloons (this really depends on the number of people involved)

1. Fill the balloon with tap water. It won't be large... just enough to slightly stretch balloon.
2. Tie it off tightly and snip the end close to the knot (take care not to cut into the knot).
3. Take an empty balloon and cut off the entire balloon neck.
4. Open the empty balloon and stretch it around the water-filled balloon.
5. Keep going until you feel like stopping. I think we stopped at 6 balloons.
6. Balloon colors are unimportant until the final one. This will be the color of the finished balloon ball.

Photo by Fernanda de Uriarte of 52weeks52toys
*This can be also be done with just air and still make really cool balls... you just need a lot more balloons to achieve a desirable weight. They also don't look as much like eggs. Below is a fun video tutorial for making balloon juggling balls with rice. Again, very cool but not as simple or egg-like as the water balloons.

Once you've finished and everyone has a balloon ball with which to break Grandma's lamps there are countless tossing, rolling and hide and seek games that can be played with the kids. 

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