In the last 7 days...

4.5 months old!
Baby update: 

His first tooth has arrived! Along with copious amounts of drool. So cute and slimy.

Teaching children to be quiet at Mass:

Jellybean is now a solid 3 years and can't seem to find the off button to her chatter box yet. Especially at super quiet daily Mass. "Oooh! Father is PURPLE! He must like purple a lot. Look, Mommy... a little table. Do you think we could eat on that table? Oh! We could LIVE here! Well, maybe we couldn't but we could eat at the table. Why does the roof go higher, higher, higher? How do people get up there? Could WE go up there?" To be fair, she does listen to me when I tell her quiet down... she just forgets 10 seconds later.

Funny homeschooling comment of the week:

We always get them but this one makes me laugh...

"You know, your kids are extremely social for being homeschooled."

I understand that she was trying to give a compliment and appreciate it but it's still a funny thing to hear. I know there are shy homeschoolers but the numbers of institutional school kids with social problems is rather staggering.

Take Your Son to Work Day:

Okay, this wasn't an official field trip but rather a necessity since Chief needed to take Professor to a doctor appointment. I sent him with a history book but it appears that most of his time was spent playing cards and being entertained by the firemen. He came home with all kinds of interesting information, stories and the question: Can I go again next week?

He also got to see a new side of his Dad. "You know, Dad is a very different person at work. He's extremely professional. I don't think most people know how talented he is at what he does."

Daylight Savings Time:

For the first time in YEARS, my family remembered to set our clocks at the appropriate time. I think our extended family members were disappointed not to have the opportunity to tease us mercilessly for another year.

Books I read:

Ending Abortiona by Father Frank Pavone
unPlanned by Abby Johnson
Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Michael Gaitley, MIC (this is a retreat program that I am currently reading)

Big Event of the Week:

The rescue of Baby Joseph. Professor attended the Bringing America Back to Life symposium (courtesy of his grandparents) on Saturday and was able to meet Father Pavone and hear him speak. The result is that he is terrifically fired up about Priests for Life and the good work that they do. Father went directly from Cleveland to rescue Baby Joseph in Canada. I am so grateful to God for this faithful priest. The following video shows Fr. Pavone and Mo Maraachli (Joseph's father) interacting with the little one after the rescue. The love this dad has for his son is so beautiful... for this little life that was just paperwork to the Canadian government. You can also see a "Thank You" from Father and Mo here. And Father blessing baby Joseph.

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