Race Day Results

I finished! Okay...so I walked a bit, ran a bit, sweated, struggled, and finally (pathetically) finished the Nun Run 5k. I was not really in shape to run such a distance and my body (2 days later) is still screaming in protest; but on the whole, I did much better than I thought I would. (Never mind that I can't walk without limping yet... that will come with time.)

The Professor and three family members joined us at an area rec center for the run. We had initially talked about running outside but this is what happened the day before the race...

Our Narnian Woods
A stunningly beautiful 8 inches of snow... but a little difficult to run in. Saturday warmed up significantly and much of the snow melted making an outside run possible; but our plans were already in motion and we stuck to them.

You can see a video of our race day below (thank you, Professor, for the use of your editing skills!). My next step is to submit our link and time to our captain, Lena, at JOYfilled Family and check out the other links. If you ran or walked, you should submit your name (and time if you want) via the linky or email (mine or Lena's) and we'll add you to the list for the chance to win great prizes. We have finish awards and also participant drawings. Submit by Wednesday... don't forget!!

Race Results for our group...

*Grandma and Grandpa: 1mile finishers!

5K Results

*Professor: 25.42 minutes
*AuntE: 31 minutes
*Melody: 33.55 minutes

The Nun Run from Ex Corde Ecclessiae on Vimeo.
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