Sunday of Joy...Please pass the tissues

The Flu strikes!
We're spending our Laetare Sunday rejoicing that Easter is near... but we're doing it from various couches and with lots of ibuprofin, Benadryl, tissues and buckets. Thanks so much to Grandpa for surprising us with Dilly Bars to please tender tummies!  Only the Chief will be at church today.

Fr. Z writes:

On Laetare Sunday there is a slight relaxation of Lent’s penitential spirit, because today we have a glimpse of the joy that is coming at Easter, now near at hand.

Okay, I'm not seeing the "relaxation" part of that today but I concede that things could be a lot worse! I am grateful for our overall good health and also for the times of struggle that provide us with so many opportunities to love each other. Blessed be the Lord!
Posted on April 3, 2011 and filed under "Laetare Sunday", "sickness".