Backing up the Blog...

A tiny little Crash poses for the camera while I test out my very first digital camera;
a birthday present in 2004.
I was so annoyed with Blogger for losing my last post that I gave it the silent treatment for a week. The post was really no big deal to anyone but me. In fact, I can hardly remember what I wrote. But I know I posted pics of Little Cub and some facts that should have served as memory filler at a later date. Blogging is the new scrap booking, you know? I stole time out of my life to record it and... poof!

Lena reminds us this week that we aught to back up our digital treasure and how to go about doing it in her post, Back up Your Blog. (She was being proactive while I was throwing a pity party.)

The photos and memories of my children mean a great deal to me. It would be a great disappointment to lose our photos and their boxes of little mementos that remind us of where we've walked together. I am sometimes alarmed by how much I have forgotten even since my first child. Occasionally, someone will throw out a "Remember when...?" and we laugh and marvel at discovering something we didn't realize was missing.

"Remember when Cookie stuck the peas up her nose and you sprinkled pepper to make her sneeze and she did sneeze but the pea still didn't come out?"

"Remember when Mommy took the jar of spaghetti sauce from the bottom of the stack in the grocery store and the whole row crashed to the floor and splattered all over us?"

"Remember when Crash threw up his free cookie in the same grocery store and Mommy caught it with her hands and had to walk all the way across the store with it to find the bathroom?"

"Remember the first time that Professor swam in a race... when Button came home from the hospital... when Daddy took us me on my first roller coaster?"

It is a possibility that some unfortunate event could destroy all of my photo albums and baby books. Or that Blogger could totally crash and I, having not followed Lena's happy advice, could lose all these digital pages. Really, this is just a great reminder to embrace people and let stuff go. You can't take it with you. Actually, there is only one thing you can take with you. And I can't find it in a photo album.

Thank you to Blogger for reminding me....

... can I have my post back now?
Posted on May 16, 2011 and filed under "memories".