The Catholic Workout

I'm joining in the Fitness Friday fun over at Betty Beguiles. I know this is a subject that is of interest to pretty near every woman on the planet, not excluding those of us who try to put our love of Christ first. (Major use of hyperbole here; I recognize that it is a luxury to first, eat too much and be inactive and second, to have the opportunity and health to exercise it off.) I've certainly posted more than my share of thoughts in the past. Accountability and support from other moms is incredibly helpful in my own journey and today, Betty wants to hear from you about your struggles and triumphs. Me? I'm struggling for sure but plugging away, having exercised 4 out of 5 days this week! Need motivation? Check this out...
Around the time of the Nun Run, Lena did some searching and discovered a hidden treasure called The Catholic Workout. I say hidden because it took some looking to find it; and treasure because it is a such a perfect example of using exercise and physical fitness to give glory to God.

The entire workout is designed to specifically incorporate prayer into each exercise and rest period. The author, Michael Carrera, combines his vast professional fitness expertise with his deep love of our Lord to deliberately achieve this end. When's the last time you heard of a professional trainer leading his clients through a weight workout and a meditation on the Passion of Christ... at the same time? Not likely ever, right? Welcome to The Catholic Workout!

I have not used this workout (yet) but I had the opportunity to read through the book when Michael generously donated a copy to our Nun Run team (thank you, Michael!) and to gain an understanding and appreciation for the contents of the book. My first reaction was WOW!... and my second reaction was to really look deeply into how I approach my workouts. I had to give the book up to the participant who won it *sigh* but it is now on my "to buy" list and one I am eager to advertise.

I strongly encourage you to explore The Catholic Workout website and learn more about the author (whose credentials are extremely impressive) and the program he designed for the Catholic who is serious about fitness.

Michael is a husband and father and supports his family through his professional personal training business and writing pursuits. He took a huge leap of faith to publish The Catholic Workout book and DVD's and I pray that this trust will bear great fruit for his family and the Church. The Catholic Workout books and DVD's are available through his website:

Michael has made this review easy for me by producing some inspiring videos that explain the purpose and method of this workout. I dare you to watch these videos and NOT be excited about such an adventure!

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