A Happy Priest Changes Lives...

All Saints' Day 2007 with Fr. B...one of our happy priests

The longer I am a Catholic, the more I appreciate the unique personalities of priests. There is no one "type" but a really incredible variety of those whom God calls. However, for those men who have a deep joy in their vocation, there do seem to be some common elements regardless of personality: one of those is a great sense of humor. It may vary in it's expression, but it's there, shining and twinkling behind the eyes or betrayed by a slight lift of the corner of the mouth. And I love reading the blogs of priests where I get a greater glimpse into their joy and vibrant personalities.

My week would not be complete without Fr. V's hysterical cartoons sharing the daily life of a priest. And just today, I had a long held suspicion confirmed by Father Daren. In his own words...

"The sprinkling rite is a source of happiness for many priests (sometimes we do aim for people who try to hide) and a source of irritation for many of the faithful (yes, we know). It is a powerful rite, if one considers it.

At any rate, as I passed through the back aisle of the church to return to main aisle on my way back to the presidential chair, a man arrived late to Mass and was walking toward me to find a pew. I reached for the aspergilium which the deacon was carrying on my right and, with a slight smile on my face, blessed the man with holy water (I never let such an opportunity go by)."

I have seen that slight smile on other priests faces as they douse the faithful and now I know it wasn't just my imagination.

Now that my son is an altar server, he has benefited from some of the priestly humor that overflows in the sacristy between Masses. It's not an artificial-attention-getting-kind-of-funny that goes on with these servants of God... but an authentic extension of their joy.

If there are any priests reading this, I've got to tell you that there is nothing (humanly speaking) that attracts youngsters to your vocation more than that outward expression of your joy. I do not mean that you must become a comedian in order to attract vocations. Just let the deep delight and satisfaction that you have in your ministry come out in your interactions. And by all means, start a blog! :)
Posted on May 19, 2011 and filed under "priesthood".