If only the stork brought them...

If it wasn't for hard pregnancies, I think I would put in a request to the stork on a more frequent basis. Don't be shocked... I don't mean that I think it's easy to raise children... just that they're so crazy adorable and wonderful at times like this that I find it hard to believe that more people don't have bigger families! With ecological breastfeeding, our babies have been naturally spaced about 2 to 3 years apart. It's a really nice spacing and requires no cancer and stroke-inducing chemicals to achieve. The biggest sacrifice is being willing to be a human pacifier and sharing my space for a couple years. That only means that I can't be too far away from this guy for long... which is fine with me. Babies grow up fast. I have no regrets over that time spent with them.

Pregnancies are rough. I whined and moaned and groaned all over the blog for this last one. I clearly remember how hard it was. But really, there are few things as nice in life as a fluffy, drooly, squishy little baby. And everyone in my household feels the same way. Motherhood is absolutely the most difficult thing I have ever done... but God sure knows what is needed to smooth over the rough spots; it's called baby joy.

Little Cub is now 6 months old and is the smartest, cutest, most amazing baby ever. Really. Just ask his siblings! They tell me he is. And I believe them. (Funny how each one of my babies has been like that.)

6 month developments...

~ He's trying his hardest to crawl. At any moment, it's all going to click for him and the house will be in a tailspin trying to adjust.

~ He is starting to play little games such as the "bonk-mommy-in-the-head-on-purpose-and-wait-to-see- how-she-reacts" game.

~ He learned his first Baby Sign this week after we pestered him relentlessly with "lessons." I don't know if he knew why he was doing it but he was definitely imitating the sign for "light"... we went a little nutso about it. The kids have elevated him to genius status.

~ He's my first baby ever not to mind sitting bare legged in the grass. He patted it and talked to it. I'm concerned that I've got another Adventure Boy on my hands. I love all the personalities around here but some do add grey hair to my head a little faster than others. (Speaking of grey hair, the new ones I grew during pregnancy are turning brown again. Odd?)

~ He has passed the 20 pound mark and is not fitting well in the infant car seat. Fortunately, I have been temporarily relieved of taxi duties since the club season has come to an end. Now, we don't do anything but eat Easter candy, play in the grass and shout: "We're free! It's over! Pass the chocolate!"

~ In spite of my swim suit phobia, I cannot wait to take him in the pool for some serious fun and smiles and then cuddle him to sleep poolside in a big fluffy towel. Truly, a favorite experience of mine. Bring on Summer!
Posted on May 17, 2011 and filed under "6 months postpartum".