Mother's Day Spiritual a Can!

I found a tutorial for Mother's Day Tin Can Treats and thought it would be the perfect way to spice up the kids' spiritual bouquets this year. This was an easy and darling project and, for once, I had everything already on hand.

What you need for our version:

~ Canned fruit with tab tops. Any size will do but the 7-8oz size is perfect; not too big, not too small.
~ Candy for filling
~ Spiritual Bouquet prayers. You can use any means you can think of to write these out... they just have to be rather small. We had each child write their offering on different colored paper hearts. These will be the first things seen when the can is opened.
~ Tissue Paper or shredded paper basket filler
~ Decorative ribbon
~ Hot glue gun
~ Can opener
~ The tutorial found at Our Best Bites

Because the can is emptied from the bottom, the tab tops stay intact and look darling.

I thought the gluing of the bottom would be a lot messier but it was actually fine and very quick. There's a little shred sticking out of the bottom but I'm sure no one will care!

The tutorial includes some very cute labels and ideas but we chose to go simple because it is not just a cutesy gift but a also a gift of prayer. We also added a pretty Marian sticker to each one. We made half a dozen of these in about an hour. (Please keep in mind that this number is on "Mommy time" meaning that it was sprinkled with various disruptions.)
Incidentally, I expect to be eating a lot of fruit salad over the next few days!
Posted on May 5, 2011 and filed under "Mother's Day".