Unwilling Nature Study Participants...

Practically every moment in life is a teachable one. This was our natural science week. And we were the reluctant participants. The kids learned a lot but mostly that God's creation is way beyond their understanding!

This photo of a forming funnel cloud was taken within a few miles of us.
Great homeschooling material. Really. After spending a bunch of time bunkering in our basement, we got out all the weather books we have and dug in. And since we continue to have storms, no one seems to be sleeping well...lol.

This hole in our front door frame measures 1 inch in circumference and about 1/2 and inch deep courtesy of a carpenter bee. Fascinating creatures. And a great reminder that we need to re-stain our woodwork. However... it needed to be stopped. *sigh*

Yes, this is yucky. Ants are yucky. Carpenter ants are particularly yucky, especially when they begin their annual rush upon our home looking for a nice satellite nest location. YUCKY.
Fortunately, Crash and I located their trail outside and the Chief followed it into the woods until he found their source. Crazy ants. It's taken a few days but now we only have sickly stragglers instead of *shudder* an infestation.

I was trying to maintain a positive attitude about these things this week - you know, make it a learning opportunity - and was attempting to engage Crash in buggy dialogue. 

Tell Daddy what you learned about carpenter bees, Crash.

I didn't learn anything this week.

Yes, you did... You learned all about how carpenter bees drill a hole just large enough to fit their bodies and then bore along the grain and then....

Putting his hands over his ears, he said: 
Yes, I know I learned those things. I just don't want to talk about it anymore. Spiders and ants and bees and tornados.

But I thought you like to learn about nature.

Yes, I do. But only nature that I isn't yucky or scary. I like plants and nice animals. I do not know why God made ants. Ants are horrible. Especially when they crawl in your bed and you can't find them.

What can I possibly say to that? I totally agree with him! :)

Posted on May 26, 2011 and filed under "home education".