The Weekend...

It was a good weekend. Not just fun, but good. Family, friends, liturgy, thanksgiving, hard work, hard play, a little discipline and sweat, a lot of love and joy. 

Friday night pizza. Fr. B will be leaving soon for D.C. so my in-laws decided to have him over for a final gathering. And what's a party without... silly string! My gratitude to Father for being such a good sport and being willing to get his feet wet (literally) for the kids.
Quote of the day: "Is this stuff bio-degradable?" (Grandpa as he eyeballs his beautiful lawn covered with silly string)

Professor (on the right) assists the newly ordained Father Franz at a Mass of thanksgiving. 
I brought my camera to church for the purpose of catching a photo like this but felt funny about using it... until this moment came. Flash off, of course. :)
In the background, you can see a few more of the 13 altar boys who showed up for the celebration.

 As soon as word got out that a cousin was getting a BB gun for his birthday, the kids started counting the seconds until Memorial day; that's when they would all be together at Grandpa's and have the chance to show off their shooting skills. After the Chief reviewed important rules of safety, they got busy putting holes in some pop cans. Shooting is a great co-ed sport because winning does not require strength or speed; females traditionally do extremely well when competing against male peers.

It was also the first day of swimming. For the kids, anyway. The water was pretty chilly and, of course, the adults wouldn't touch it and the kids swam all day. Chief takes a turn holding Little Cub who was extremely sweaty and sticky and showed an improved mood every time he met a fan.

Quote of the day: "Mommy, can you please spray some sunshine on my boo-boo?" 
(Jellybean was obviously confused between sunscreen and antiseptic spray)

Professor takes a moment to eyeball Dr. Pepper before taking him out. 
Posted on May 31, 2011 .