Why Would a Man Become a Priest? Nurturing Vocations...

I have had priestly vocations on the brain lately. The recent ordinations have set off a firestorm of discussion and renewed interest in our household. I have been thinking about the possibility of vocations in the family and praying for them (Thy will be done, Lord) and reading and listening and writing.

The Chief and I are not perfect parents but we have been doing our best to support the dreams of our children and to be open to where the Lord calls them. I put down some thoughts about how I think this is best done in a household and shared them at CatholicMom.com. And in spite of my distracted proofreading (I'm still trying to master the art of it in the middle of a noisy household), it will be reprinted over at CatholicExchange as well in early June. I can't wait to hear some feedback, suggestions and wisdoms about this topic from other Catholic moms!

However big or small my own role in it may be, there clearly exists an active interest in my house. (I know it didn't originate with me... so I'm just trying to hang on and not become an obstacle!) Shortly after my guys returned from the ordination reception at the seminary, the Professor dug out a DVD documentary on the priesthood and asked me to watch it with him. It is called The Catholic Priest Today and runs about 30 minutes. It is well worth watching and you can view the video online from the website for free as well as purchase it to pass along and support the mission.

What did Professor want me to see? He practically dragged me to the living room to watch. Why the urgency? I think he wanted me to see a little into his heart and share the excitement and joy of possibility. And I did see. And my heart stretched as I listened and learned and saw the eyes of my son shining with enthusiasm. Thirteen years old. He's supposed to be at war with me and the world; looking bored and uninterested in the things of faith. But that is not what is happening. Lord, please help me lead him.

The documentary does briefly address the scandals in the Church so moms should preview before making it a family event. There is no glossing over of the wrong that has been done but the video's emphasis looks beyond. Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette expresses it this way:

"A lot of young men looked at what was happening to the priesthood through the scandals, looked at what was happening to the Church, and somehow, have felt a deep call to come forward and be part of the transformation and renewal in the Church."

If you blog, I encourage you to view the video and post a review. Let us strive to understand the hearts and lives of these men who give up so much to love and serve the Lord. The world wants to know: Why would a man become a priest? Let us help give an answer. This documentary is a tiny peek into the heart of the matter.
Posted on May 24, 2011 and filed under "priesthood".