7 Quick Takes Friday


 The Chief, being a guy, has an affinity for action flicks. I, being a gal, only tolerate them if there's actually a good story mixed in between the fireballs and rolling vehicles. Every once in a while, I try to make him happy by tolerating one of these movies. If we've stayed up beyond a reasonable hour, he falls instantly asleep once hitting the pillow and I, sensitive as I am, lay awake for hours unwillingly reliving the blood curdling action. He did hit the jackpot last week, however, when he borrowed Bolt from the library. Yes, it's an action movie... about a cute little dog and his owner. Just my speed. A nice movie for the kids, too.

The house addition is still not complete. I tell you this in case you wonder why we haven't invited you over for the last two years. Just so you know it's not anything you did. It has been challenging for me as the domestic engineer. I struggle periodically with anger over the dishonesty of our contractor (especially when our siding started to fall off). But really... I'm just spoiled. God is good.

My husband likes to pamper me. Last week, he picked up a little something for me while he was out of town. Dark blue sparkly nail polish. Presumably for my toenails? At any rate, it was very sweet of him and I plan on wearing it this week. I'm more of a pastel type person myself but for the Chief? I'll wear blue.

Jellybean never hesitates to offer spontaneous prayer when prompted. Being just 3-years old, her prayers often sound something like this:

"Dear Jesus, I love you so much because I'm so big." Or...
"Dear Jesus, please help me to be good so I'm not naughty like my brother all the time when he takes my toys." (followed by a long dramatic sigh)

Allison over at A Broken Fortress is due to deliver her baby girl any day (or moment). She needs nothing for the wee lass because she has made everything she needs. Diapers, outfits, hats, bags... you name it, she's made it. I am so impressed and inspired. Check out her blog archives to see all of her homemade goodies. And check out her online shops to purchase her handiwork for someone you love. But what on earth do you give a little one whose mama is so abundantly talented? Lots of prayers coming your way, Allison! You're a great mom!

Speaking of Catholic shopping.... Looking for a sweet way to give a Catholic token of appreciation or affection? Or just a lovely way to share your joy? Lena of Joyfilled Family recently opened an Etsy shop
with her oldest daughter. Pay her a visit at JoyFilledCreations.

Now that I have my brain back (I seem to lose some faculties during pregnancy) I've been catching up on all the reading I wasn't able to do. It has been something of a reading frenzy, I admit. I currently have three books in progress, stationed in different part of the house. Homeschooling is my currently one of my primary focuses so I've been digging into a little John Holt (of whom I have heard much but never read), rereading John Taylor Gatto, and discovering new works, like Suzie Andres' book A Little Way of Homeschooling. (FYI... I am not technically an unschooler, just wish I could be.) My latest library borrowings are all over the board. I would like to post reviews of all of it soon but I'm afraid you would all keel over with boredom... perhaps I'll just do a couple at a time.
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