Modest Swimwear Review and a Giveaway...

This is NOT me. :)
I've already covered my thoughts about modest swimwear on this blog so I'm not going to rehash all that here. I'll move right into a very happy review of a newly discovered line of swimwear made by Girls4sport.  Happy, indeed! Good quality, functional, and sweet... let's dive in...

I'm an active swimmer as opposed to a "bobber". I have nothing against all you bobbers out there, and may be one myself some day, but for now I am a mover in the pool. Pretty suits are a dime a dozen. What I want is a pretty suit that stays put. (All you moms who still like to do an occasional cannon ball know what I mean.) I think the bobbers among us will enjoy this line as well but the swimmers and jumpers will really enjoy it.

Girls4sport is a company that designs and sells active wear to provide "a wide range of coverage for women." One of the company designers puts it this way:

"For the most part, we are in the market to offer more coverage versus less. You could say we sort of specialize in modesty."

"Sure, most of us like to look our best... but most female athletes are primarily concerned about actively enjoying or competing in their chosen sport comfortably. Performance is the priority, not the "hey, check me out" factor. Let's face it, a little extra coverage actually keeps things nicely covered during rigorous activity and prevents impromptu peep shows... "

"In a nutshell, showing a little less really is more and it's what we aim to deliver at Girls4Sport. Less revealing garments that provide more for the women wearing them."

As we all know, modesty is a bit relative family to family and woman to woman. The mix-and-match options at Girls4Sport provide a terrific range of choices from board shorts and long sleeved tops to bikinis.

When I originally ordered from Girls4Sport, I purchased from their Grab Bag section. For the price (wow), I was completely unconcerned about matching pieces. We do almost all of our swimming in the private pool of a family member... who's going to care if I don't match? I purchased pieces for Cookie and then, envious of my daughter's excellent swim gear, I went back to shop for myself. 

It was at this point that the folks at Girls4Sport offered to send me a matching suit to review, a coupon code to offer to my readers and two fun giveaway items. Twist. my. arm

The suit they sent is a combination of their sports tank top and boy briefs. And it's PINK. Perfect. I've never worn a boy short suit before because... well, because I just never have. Old habits die hard. Why, oh why, have I waited? The suit is just what I was looking for and will go comfortably from the pool to a volleyball game with the kids. Here's the skinny on the suits...


The Sports Tank Top is much nicer than I imagined it would be. It was advertised as having a shelf bra and that concerned me. The reality is that this top fits extremely well, is surprisingly supportive and does not ride up in the water (also a very surprising quality in a tankini style suit). The material is really comfortable and flexible. No need to constantly adjust everything. Huge thumbs up.

The Halter top is one I purchased in the Grab Bag option. In my experience, halters can be a bit more supportive because the tie is adjustable and can provide ease of nursing with a t-shirt cover up. The Girls4Sport Halter is the most comfortable I have ever worn with wide, soft fabric under the arms. A great purchase and my only regret is that I bought it grab bag and so it doesn't match the bottoms (it's the girly girl in me, what can I say?)


With the Sports Tank Top I received the matching pink Boy Brief. There's really nothing "boy" about them. They're actually rather cute and extraordinarily comfy. They stay put and provide coverage while still looking very feminine. The waistband is wide and flat which is flattering and comfortable. I never thought I would like the style but I now think it's pretty wonderful. The whole outfit is sporty and feminine and I would choose it again.

I purchased the Grab Bag bikini bottoms because they are the traditional cut that I am used to and I honestly figured I wouldn't like the boy shorts as much. They are very comfortable and not least because they have a wide (about 2") smooth waistband that eliminates strings and cutting bands.  Worn with a long top, these provide the traditional tankini look.


Sturdy, soft material with the added bonus of UV protection. This stuff is made to be used! And if you like pink, they have a section of their shop just full of it. Lovely.


Listen ladies, you know what quality swimsuits cost these days. This line is no exception. But I do believe they sell a quality product that fits my needs as a coverage seeking, active swimmer who really likes the color pink. :) They also provide a very full Clearance section and, if you don't care if your pieces match, an incredible Grab Bag option. 


The quality is excellent and the selection of lengths and coverage options is the best I've seen. Definitely recommended.

Kim at Girls4Sport has graciously provided a great coupon for Blossoming Joy readers... good for a 15% discount on all products on their website. (Thanks so much, Kim!) Enjoy!

In addition to the coupon, she offered to give away a pair of girls' board shorts to two of my readers; one in sea green print and the other in coral pink. These shorts normally sell for $27 each.

Two chances to enter the giveaway...

1. Leave a comment telling me if you are a swimmer or a bobber. :)
2. Share the giveaway info on Facebook, Twitter, or via your blog and let me know in a separate comment.

The giveaway will close on Friday at 11:59pm and I will choose two winners using

May your Summer be richly blessed!

UPDATE: And the winners are... Lena and Crystle! Congrats, ladies and enjoy the shorts!

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