Thanks for loving us, Chief...

Thirteen years ago, we celebrated your first Father's Day, Chief.
Remember Professor then? How he used to tickle you (or try) and how we would wait on the front porch for you to come home from work each night?

What has changed since then? Oh... quite a lot. And not so much.
He still looks forward to the time you come home each night.
You're still the greatest Dad I could ever ask for my kids.
Thanks for loving us. 
We have grown so much under your care.

Did you ever think you'd see this kind of picture? I sure didn't! 
Number one and number six... 
Your openness to life has blessed us all more than words can say.

I love it when you sing to us and to God. 
You have taught us how to lift our voices in gratitude and now she wants to sing, too...
just like you.

He wants to be just like you, Chief.
He had tears in his eyes the other day as he told me what you mean to him.
I told him that's what love does.

Thanks for playing with dolls. She won't forget.

Remember this day? One little push and she was off!
But she needed you there to show her what to do and tell her that she could.
Thanks so much for being there.

You've led us to the Heart of Jesus and taught us to sing out loud to praise Him.
Thanks for keeping our priorities straight.

Thanks for holding us up. Our hearts are full today as we celebrate the gift of
your fatherhood.

Thanks be to God!
Posted on June 19, 2011 .