Walk for Their Lives: Lacing up for the Babies

Cecilia at Hair Bows 4 Life is sponsoring an event called "Walk for Their Lives" and I am happily hoppin' on board. Starting Sunday, June 12th and finishing 12 weeks later on August 28th, the walk is intended to keep us moving while working to support the defense of Human Life.

Cecilia invites us to:

1. Spread the word that you are taking up the Challenge!
2. Gather sponsors, either by the mile or a flat rate.
3. Email her at walkfortheirlives@gmail.com with your location (she wants to see how much of the map can be filled), type of sponsorship and what pro-life organization will receive the donation.
4. Record your miles. She has great ideas for doing this on her blog.
5. Every Sunday, comment on her blog with your miles for great door prizes.
6. Prizes for top walkers.

I'm a little late getting the word out but my feet have already started the journey with 12 miles under my belt. Instead of asking for per mile sponsorships, I'm encouraging people to give a one-time donation. All my walking proceeds will be donated to the Zechariah House in Cleveland. This house is an extension of Maggies's Place which is a community that provides houses of hospitality for expectant women. Walking the pro-life talk to the max. Beautiful.

I will be accepting donations on the sidebar of my blog. Anything that you can offer for these mothers and babies is greatly appreciated. The needs of the Zechariah House are published on their website and all donations will go towards filling these needs. If you would like to indicate which items you wish your donations to go toward, I will happily purchase them in your name.

In addition, I am planning on participating in the Maggie's Place 9K race that will be held at the Cleveland Zoo this Summer.  In addition to the 9K (which represents the 9 months of pregnancy) there will be a 5K walk/stroller push and a free Kids' Dash. Anyone live in Arizona? Then you have your own Maggie's Place to love and 9K run at Tempe Town Lake. If you don't live in either place, you are invited to participate as a Shadow Runner.
Posted on June 16, 2011 and filed under "Catholic fitness", "pro-life", "walk for their lives".