Warming up for Nationals...

Four hours of drive time to see two hours of Professor practicing with his team... well worth it. It's the only glimpse I'll have of them so I took my cameras. Thankfully, no one threw up on the drive although it seemed likely for a stretch. (Thanks so much for driving, Dad, crying Cub and all.) Another bonus was getting to see the Ohio State National Championship team scrimmage an 18-year old National-bound Columbus team. Wow. We had to change our seats a couple times to keep the little ones from getting injured by the hard hit balls.

National Warm-ups from Ex Corde Ecclessiae on Vimeo.

Coach (aka Chief) looks on as the Professor sets up one of his hitters.
Ohio State players get some air during their scrimmage.
Posted on June 26, 2011 and filed under "volleyball".