7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for her *7 Quick Takes Friday*

A heads up for those of you looking for a great Catholic fitness program... The Catholic Workout is now available on Amazon in addition to The Catholic Workout website.

I have been absolutely pathetic about my own physical fitness lately. Feeling very sluggish and weak. Every night I promise myself that another day will not pass like the last and you know what happens. I wonder if my lagging energy is related to Little Cub's constant and voracious nursing (and my poor nutrition). He is also very attached to me right now and wants to be carried everywhere. At 25 pounds, this is taxing on the old bod. 

Even as I complain about babies acting like babies, I know how quickly it passes. Since my very first pregnancy, I have been told by countless old women "how quickly time passes and enjoy it while it lasts, honey." I am not even elderly yet and I'm already telling young moms the same thing. It has taken me a few babies to really get this message... but I am doing my best to enjoy every little moment with this one.

I will be 35 in a few months and this appears to be something of a medical milestone for women. I keep getting notices from my insurance company about all of the things that might be happening to me once I hit the big number. It's a bit disconcerting... all down hill from here, you know? If I live to be 85, I will apparently have spent 55 of those years in steady and miserable decline. 

So I'm ignoring those papers and haven't scheduled a mammogram yet or had my bone density levels checked or stopped having children. However, I have done my birthday research and think it's about time that I had one of these babies on my kitchen counter...

And speaking of mammograms... here is a link to an article written by a Catholic woman and former supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. If you haven't heard by now, Komen thinks it is fighting breast cancer by donating substantially to Planned Parenthood. Please note that Planned Parenthood does not even provide mammograms at their facilities but is the largest abortion provider in the world. That is particularly ironic in this case since abortion is strongly linked to a higher rate of breast cancer. At any rate, read the article... it may help you talk to your friends about why you don't feel okay with joining their walk this year. (The piece was written in 2007 but is still relevant since Komen continues to donate to Planned Parenthood.)

The sun is shining, the temps have finally risen and we're off to the pool. Thank you, Lord, for these gorgeous days spent with my family!

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