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So I'm adjusting to life with a 3-going-on-4-year old drama queen.

I have just told Jellybean that she is not to have any more chocolate cake. With one little hand upon her chest and the other thrown out, embracing the world, her eyes to the sky and brow furrowed in deepest emotion, her royal highness musters all of the woe in her little body and says: "My heart... is hurt. *sigh* You broke my feelings." Her arms and head droop pitifully toward the floor, she gives a couple of convincing sniffs and exits the room. There is a deep silence. Then... everyone breaks out into hysterical laughter.
Some lovely person got video footage of one of the early games at Nationals...

Thoughts from Pope Benedict on mystics and mystical experiences:

"This, dear friends, is the seal of an authentic experience of the Holy Spirit, the source of every charism: the person endowed with supernatural gifts never boasts of them, never flaunts them and, above all, shows complete obedience to the ecclesial authority." More here.

I love my children deeply. Because of this I can laugh with them and occasionally at them without too much guilt. My favorite moments to have a giggle at their expense are when I have told them not to do something, they do it anyway, and the results highlight their foolishness in a non-dangerous and yet instructive way. Case in point...

Last time I took the children to Cookie's beach volleyball game, the younger ones (9 and under) were not well behaved. They got sand in every possible crevice and managed to disrupt games and kick sand in a parent's beverage. You must not act that way, kids. No more tumbling in the sand and running around like monkeys. Absolutely no throwing sand. EVER. Sit still and behave.

They insist that this time they did remember my admonition but thought it irrelevant since they found an empty court where they could bother no one. So they proceeded to do many of the things which they were told not to do and the result was as follows.

Crash (age 9) and Button (age 6) were engaged in a sand war. They ended up unhappy with each other and somehow managed to throw sand directly into each others mouths. The result was that they both ended up "puking their guts out" (as the saying goes) in the grass. Please forgive my lack of compassion. The account has tickled my funny bone to the extreme and all I can say is:  I. Told. You. So. :)
(The greatest irony of course is that I had to rely on eye-witness accounts because I was still sitting at home nursing my injured toe, foolish woman that I am.)

Jellybean playing in the sand. 
I thought this article on "Top Ten Exercise and Training Related Mistakes of Women Over 35" was interesting. I'm not yet over 35 but I'm getting close and definitely finding fitness more challenging lately.  My latest challenge is my foot, of course. But I recall how I exercised after my knee surgery in high school and that was primarily non-weightbearing. I had rehab activities which consisted primarily of weight machines and balance exercises and then did around an hour or so of core, leg and upper body work on my own. That hour was done completely on the ground since I did not want to bear weight or have all the blood rush to my leg after a long day. The results were excellent. Granted, I was a teenager at the time but I don't see why it couldn't still work for me now. 

I purchased the first Christmas present of the year on ebay last night. My dishes aren't done but I'm Christmas shopping in July... lol. 

Have you moms out there ever done this? Have you ever looked around desperately trying to find your baby only to find that... he's already in your arms? Not saying that I have done it... just curious as to whether you have or not. (Someone please tell me it's just baby related hormones)
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