Ah... Mama loves pictures...

I wish I could hug the mother who took these photos of Professor when I could not be there. For all of you who don't care a bit about volleyball... bear with me, my preoccupation is temporary.

The guys came home last night and we rushed off to the fireworks at the Chief's station. Today I am unpacking suitcases as well as the content of their brains... all the details that I missed and special moments I couldn't be there for. My favorite so far...

~ Due to a series of extremely unfortunate events, the guys missed Mass at the historic Basilica of Mary and ended up at a Spanish-speaking parish (homily included). It was a beautiful church but the culture was more casual than we are accustomed to. (The little girl eating an ice cream cone during Mass being a good example of this.) Chief did get to practice his Spanish though which impressed the Professor and inspired him to take up Spanish lessons at the first possible opportunity.

One of many service aces with a killer float

Jump set turns into an attack

Brand new do. Temporary, of course. :)

Ready to play.

Blocking Puerto Rico

Ready. Set....

Jump set or tip? I dunno... I wasn't there. :(

The Chief cheering on the boys and getting a little fired up. (In case you can't see it, Chief joined in the crazy hair fun and dyed his eyebrows and goatee white)

Celebrating a kill by the libero!

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