I am tolerating you...

Seriously... this kid puts up with almost anything. At least for a little while. Here he is being buried in the sand by his siblings with his best I'm tolerating you look. 

Word to the wise: don't let babies crawl in the sand unless you have a way to prevent them from subsequently putting their hands in their mouths. Poor little guy. Once he figured out how to move through the sand it was gritty chaos.

He kept trying to make his way to the referee's flip flop (top left of photo). Eventually, he just turned around to eat some dried leaves.

Cookie had a great volleyball night. My kids have confidence that I never had at their ages and it definitely shows in athletic venues. (Or maybe it is just the fuchsia leopard print headband that makes all the difference.)

On a similar note... Professor and team just won their third straight match in the first round pool at the USA Junior Nationals against teams from SoCal, Hawaii and Wisconsin. Two rounds to go before bracket play and some serious competition ahead but it's fun for them to be undefeated for the moment. They have secured their place in the medal brackets with 17 other teams (down from the original 30). This team is a great group of talented, nice boys from all over the state of Ohio with only 6 total practices as a team. It's so fun to see what they have been able to pull together against other groups that have played together all year. USA Volleyball has great internet coverage of the event so this mama is happy. I know the game results as soon as they conclude even including point differentials (for those of us who are into that kind of minutia). And... medal bracket championship games get live streaming video coverage. 

One big frown for USA Volleyball is that they have pool play for the boys on Saturday evening and playoffs on Sunday morning and afternoon. This makes finding a Mass pretty tough. It is discouraging to see how many families do not take the time or trouble to find one under these circumstances. Anyone know a good priest in Minnesota who'd like to say Mass for a group of youngsters? 

Otherwise, things are going great. My teenage son has been sending me texts complete with photos of oddly shaped shopping carts, airports and pizza boxes. I am one happy mama.

Posted on July 1, 2011 and filed under "volleyball".