In which mother approves of the boy's red mohawk...

There are times in life when I might find it acceptable for my son to trim his hair into a mohawk-like shape and dye it red. Correction: there is one time in life that I would approve of anything of the sort... and now is that time.

Professor and his volleyball team will be battling tonight for a spot in the gold bracket of the USA Junior National volleyball championships. Before this tournament, they had only practiced together a total of six times; so they have a great deal of talent with some weaknesses. And some confidence issues.

The strongest competition they will face (and favorites for the gold) are the teams from Puerto Rico. Not only does it appear that they have been playing volleyball since they were born, but they are also a little bigger than many players their age (13-14) and have a tremendous amount of confidence. They also have crazy hair.
Photo Copyrighted by USAV/Becky Murdy...see more here
So I'm on the phone with the guys last night and they pretty well shock me by telling me about the red mohawk hair plan. There was a long pause (before or after I shrieked, I don't remember) and the Chief says something like: "These boys really need a confidence boost and something to get them fired up. These other teams can be a little intimidating."

I saw that there was sense in the argument. Also, I had just given the Professor a haircut before he left so his "mohawk" is not exactly going to be dramatic. It's going to be a bit more of a sacrifice for those mothers of the darling curly headed boys.

My biggest concern is the red hair dye which will presumably still be there for Sunday Mass. I reconciled with the idea by considering that first, I will not be there with him this Sunday and will not have the experience of such mortification as such a thing might cause to a mother; second, he will be out of town and no one will know that I am his mother  him; and finally, it will be gone by next Sunday.

Incidentally, they will have the opportunity to attend Mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis which even in photos is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you, Heather, for the recommendation!

I will post pictures of the hair if I am able at a later date. Unfortunately, the guys didn't bring a camera so I have to hope that other (more responsible) parties record the event for me.

UPDATE: It's blue... not red. And hideous. But I'm sure the boys are thrilled, them being boys and all.
Posted on July 2, 2011 and filed under "volleyball".