Junior Nationals Update...

Our boys earned their way to the gold medal bracket tonight. That means that they won't finish lower than 6th place and may be able to scrap their way up a couple notches. If they make it to the bronze medal match, they'll be live streamed right into my home. I really like technology sometimes. :)

And if you're wondering... yes, that is my son's head in the photo above. I'll refrain from further comment and just quote the lovely Sarah Harkins who commented on my previous post:

I think it's fun that he's dying his hair and has crazy hair. you're only a teenager once- it's a good way to get those wild streaks out of one's system- or at least let's hope so!

As much as I hope to see those boys get into a medal match tomorrow, I think it is unlikely. But we'll see. It's unexpected that they've even made it this far. An even greater victory would be if my guys could convince of few others to join them for Mass in the evening. Most of them are Catholic but you know how it is... especially when the Mall of America beckons.
Posted on July 2, 2011 and filed under "volleyball".