On Vanity...

"If you no longer feel the need to be recognized, if you work very hard to get something done and it doesn't bother you that no one cares, you have made considerable spiritual progress. But if you are still struggling like most of us and a slight comes your way, take a deep breath, smile and and try to put up with it. This will prepare you to grow closer to the kingdom of God and not be distracted by vain things.

All around us things call out for recognition. All around us things say to us, 'I am important  for you. You must get me . Before you die you must have a taste of this or that, or when you die your life will be incomplete.' It makes no difference how important the thing really is. In little country towns men fight as fiercely to become aldermen as those in other circumstances fight to become president of the United States. Trying to be chief usher in a small parish can be as spiritually dangerous for some people as trying to be emperor can be for others. Although we have the illusion that these things are important, they are not. They pass away."

(Excerpt from Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, page 110)
Posted on July 13, 2011 and filed under "vanity".