Anniversary Gifts... What I Gave My Guy

15 Years at the Foot of the Cross
Truth be told, I don't usually get my husband anniversary gifts. There just aren't many things that he needs or wants. Okay, well... there are always books. But as much as I understand his affinity for books, buying them for every romantic celebration gets old. So he buys the gifts and I get pampered.

This is a big year for us... fifteen years of marriage. I wanted to get him a special present but decided against it for the same old reasons... until an opportunity fell into my lap. A great big thank you to the people at Easy Canvas for giving me the chance to try out their services!

I've been wanting to enlarge a wedding photo of us for years and I love how this turned out. (My apologies for the poor quality of my photos... they don't do justice to the print.) The wrapped canvas is a very nice look. I ordered an 8" x 10" because I wasn't sure where he would want to hang it. Where did it finally end up? He took it to work to put in his office. In spite of the fact that I won't be able to enjoy it in my home, I certainly can't complain with his choice of display locations!

Canvas prints have attracted my attention for years but I have held off with a purchase since my home seems to be in a state of perpetual renovation. But I have grand plans... and another one (or twelve) of these canvas prints would fit perfectly... once my walls are actually patched and painted. :)

You might be wondering what my husband's anniversary gift to me was this year. Well, so am I! Our anniversary was a month ago but we haven't had the opportunity to go out for our dinner yet. I opted to wait until then to open my gift. :)

Posted on August 30, 2011 and filed under "anniversary".