The Day They Came to Repossess the Corvette...

Several years ago, I was home alone with my three young children when I heard a loud banging on the door. It sounded as if a large person was taking a fist and smashing it into my door. I nervously looked out the window and saw a giant flatbed truck filling up my little street and two burly, surly men standing in front of my home. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Against my better judgement, I decided to answer the door.

"Open the garage! We've come to repossess your husband's Corvette." He shouted this at me and when I told him that we didn't own a Corvette, he got positively purple. He assumed I was lying and continued to demand that I open the garage. At the time, we only owned one car (not a Corvette) and my husband had it at work. I assured them, once again, that I had no car in there and if we did, it would not be a sports car.

They were convinced I was lying and treated me like a thief, yelling and grimacing and threatening. I don't know that I can blame them for that; it must be a nasty business at times. Still, it was rather unpleasant. They returned a couple weeks later with the same results. More banging, more shouting. Eventually, they went to my mother-in-law's house looking for my husband's alleged vehicle. They finally stopped haranguing her when she cleared up the case of mistaken identity by furnishing his social security number.

Over the years, we received other collections calls and notices for the man. My husband opened a letter from the man's niece which begged him to come home. The family loves you, Uncle... please come back to us. I even had a telephone call from his weeping mother. I assured her that she had the wrong person. "But isn't your name Melody?" Yes. "Then you are married to my son!" No. I assure you that you have the wrong person. You see, my husband has the same name and this mistake has happened before... She started to cry again.

Since we moved into a different city, we've not heard a peep from his creditors or family. But I think of him sometimes; this man who shares a name with my husband and has made such a mess of his life. I pray that he's gotten his act together and returned to the arms of those who love him. And I thank God that my husband is the man he is. That he rises each day and goes to his job to provide for us. That he loves us and communicates that through his words and actions. And that he has no interest in purchasing a Corvette.

May God bless the lost man and bring him safely home.

Posted on August 16, 2011 .